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28 October 2013

Daniel Ramírez Guadrón: The Oils, Pencils, Chalks and Charcoals of an Artist (Los Ángeles, California/Guadalajara, Jalisco, México/Santo Tomás, El Salvador)

  When Daniel Ramírez Guadrón is not at work as a senior character
  artist for the video game industry, his palette connects to his paternal
  and maternal roots, México and El Salvador. Ramírez Guadrón’s love for
  painting and sculpture drives him to find a balance between the digital
  and the traditional art world.


                                               El barril

                                                 Niña Tarahumara
Jorge Negrete for the Pasadena Chalk Festival
Daniel Ramírez Guadrón sculpting a mask with WED clay.
To learn more about Daniel Ramírez Guadrón, visit Facebook.

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