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29 September 2012

Grace Barraza-Vega: Mujer de mitos y leyendas/Woman of Myth and Legends

Contemporary Chicana artist and educator, Grace Barraza-Vega,  lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her roots stem in Durango, México, known for its historical buildings, cultural centers, and religious art. With strokes of bright vibrant hues, Barraza-Vega's work captures the lives of mujeres, using pre-Columbian, Mexican and Chican@ iconography.


Ixchel, Goddess of Fertility

No me amares los pies
   La pasión de Sor Juana
Lupe "La Chola"
Barraza-Vega and Her Grandson, Julio

To learn more about Grace Barraza-Vega, visit her website: Lo Mío: Grace Barraza-Vega.
You can also find Grace Barraza-Vega via facebook.