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28 September 2010

La Bloga's On-Line Floricanto

from Facebook's Poets Responding to SB 1070 

La Bloga: Chicana, Chicano, Latina, Latino, & More.
Literature, Writers, Children's Literature, News, Views
& Reviews publishes "Memografía"/"Memography"
on September 28 and "Fishing Bait" on August 24.

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07 September 2010

Floricanto Adelanto at Corazón del Pueblo (Poetry Reading at Boyle Heights, CA)

Organizers: Abel Salas and Francisco X. Alarcón

Em Sedano, Abel Salas, and Francisco X. Alarcón

Em Sedano from La Bloga and Sonia Gutiérrez
John Martínez from Aztlán Media Kollective

Fe Montes

Sammy Carrera