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20 March 2009

"Reincarnation" (Poem) / Ascending Stairs (B&W Photograph)

In the XVI century, Juana, daughter of Isabella “The Catholic” and Ferdinand of Aragón, is accused of being mad; meanwhile, her father and Phillip appropriate her throne. She remains recluse in St. Clare’s Convent until the day of her death.


Below, I leave images of
Juan de Juni’s Jacent Christ, Crucified Christ
and the body
of the church of San Antolín.

My feet kiss each and every
one of these snail shaped
cold stone staired steps.

On top, I can see clearer through
this steel barred window.
Rumor loses itself in the wind’s murmur

The sun hides behind the clouds
like Philip between
those wenches’ legs.

Below, gossip stirs
from tongue to tongue
here in Tordesillas and all of Castile.

Look there!

Pigeons fly over the Duero River
Ripples leaving not
a trace of their sweet touch.
Tis’ not the steel rods that
halt my unfurling.
I don’t fly as
the birds
because I am not mad.

Listen to what thou say,

Even if thou steal my throne,
I love Philip and thine life
I will always be the
Sovereign Queen of Castile.

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