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04 December 2012

Judith Durán: Vestígios de mujeres/Judith Durán: Vestiges of Women (Guanajuato, México)

Visual artist, Judith Durán, dedicates her symbolic dresses to all the murdered women around the world, not only in Ciudad Juárez, but also to those women in Guatemala, Iraq, Afganistan, Africa and everywhere.

           "About 60 women and girls have been killed in the city so far  
            this year."     
                           —Damien Cave, The New York Times (June 23, 2012)
           "The putrid head looked human again, with full lips, large pores
           and a massive bruise on the forehead."
                        —Karla Zabludovsky, The New York Times (October 15, 2012)



Las Artistas
Judith Durán, June Wayne (3/7/1918 - 8/23/2011), Poli Marichal, and Kay Brown (Counter-clockwise)
Photograph by Marianne Sadowski
To learn more about Judith Durán, visit facebook.

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