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23 May 2012

Elena Díaz Björkquist: Woman Saguaro (Tucson, Arizona)

             "Why should I run?
              Abandon the life,
              The nicho I’d created
              For myself by returning
             To the land of my birth?"

              EDB's "From the Frontlines of SB 1070"

by Elena Díaz Björkquist


Las Beautiful Comadres!

Linda Leatherman and Elena Díaz Björkquist from Sowing the Seeds Writers’ Group, standing strong like invincible saguaros. Díaz Björkquist holds her April 2012 Arizona Humanities Council Dan Shilling Public Humanities Scholar Award with Leatherman, recipient of the 2011 AHCDSPHS Award.

"You are another me, and I am another you."
                                                  Mayan saying
Upcoming Sowing the Seeds Writers’ Group and YWCA Event: Mujeres Writing Conference
            "Remembrance: Writing Memoir"

            Date: May 26, 2012
            525 N. Bonita Ave.
            Tucson, AZ 85745
            For more information, e-mail

              ". . . Animo to fight for what
              Is right."
              Animo to fight for what
              Is Just."
                          —EDB's "From the Frontlines of SB 1070"

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