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18 December 2011

Sergio Vásquez: The Painter and His Aura/El pintor y su aura (Tecolotlán, México/Los Angeles)

Self-portrait with Monkeys

Colonial Cholo

The Different Moods of Eddie

The Jungle of Memory

Through the Window

Like Father Like Son

Windows of the Past

José Lopes and Sergio Vásquez
              The painting, Eufemio y Emiliano Zapata, is a collaboration
              piece by Sergio Vásquez and José Lopes.

To see more of Sergio Vásquez's work, visit Sergio Vásquez Art, facebook, or e-mail him at

1 comment:

jose lopes said...

Excellent find Sonia. I've known
Sergio for years and he has always been the most generous and loyal friend one can wish for. congratulations...