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17 November 2011

America Is Burning / Life through Our Eyes (Libros Cartoneros)

A warm thank you to Olga García Echeverría, author of Falling Angels, who introduced me to Libros Cartoneros!

Olga García Echeverría reading at UCSD's Visual Arts Facility: Performance Space (Photograph by Tomás Huitzilcohúatl Lucero, April 6, 2011)

America Is Burning, a libro cartonero, was crafted by the Palomar Poets and Encuentros United members at Palomar College for our Biannual Poetic Justice.

(Sonia's Second Libro Cartonero Project)

Upward Bound's Life through Our Eyes Libro Cartonero Summer Project (Poetry and Prose), California State University San Marcos
(Sonia's First Libro Cartonero Project)

July 29, 2011

The History of Libros Cartoneros: Eloisa Cartonero

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Jason H. said...

Thanks for posting an article about this important project!